Forget Mensa

I love my kids.  I really really do.  They’re smart kids.  Really smart kids.  I have IQ tests to prove this. 

However, I have to be honest – they can be so dense sometimes, it is scary.

Case in point – a conversation with Sean today.

Sean – Can I go up to the library?

Josh – You need to put on a clean shirt first.

Sean, looking confused – Uh….what?

Josh – Go up to your room and find a clean shirt.

Sean goes up to his room, comes back down in the same dirty shirt – Yeah, there are clean shirts.

Josh – Then go put it on.

Sean goes upstairs, comes back down in a long sleeved pajama top.

Me – Sean, that’s a pajama top.

Sean – What?

Me – Your shirt is a pajama top. 

Sean – No one told me this was a pajama top.

Me – muttering some sort of prayer into her hands, like “God give me strength.”

Josh –  Go upstairs and put on a clean, short-sleeved shirt.

Eventually, Sean did manage this feat, then went off to the library…while I used that Mensa application to dry my tears as I wept.