Let it be noted

That on this day, the 16th of June, in the year of Our Lord 2010 – I got to the bottom of our big three section laundry hamper.

Here’s the catch – I still need to fold it all.  Dang. 

Laundry is the never-ending story of this household.  Having four kids doesn’t help the situation, but having one of them who constantly changes clothes makes it worse.  Actually, both girls are notorious for wearing multiple outfits per day.  Then add dance outfits and soccer uniforms and towels.  Lots and lots of towels.  And bedding.  Oh, bedding.  I have a love/hate relationship with bedding.  I love to wash it – because you don’t have to fold it, just put it straight back on the bed!  But I hate putting sheets on the bed. 

Laundry is never completely done around here.  I think it will be after all the kids move out.  Until then, I can revel in the moment that the big laundry sorter is empty.