FYI – Crayola Color Explosion

I should just start a new category called “FYI”…it could be entertaining what we as a family come up with to share with others.

Today’s FYI – Crayola Color Explosion

For those unfamiliar with this stuff, it’s special paper that looks black, but with the included marker, you can unveil colors and pictures below.  We got a notebook of this stuff as they had cartoon characters Maura likes.  I thought this would be a good idea – one marker, reveal pictures, what could be wrong with it?


Here’s the deal.  When you get the paper wet, it smears black all over your hands.  Then you take your now black hands and smear it all over your body.  Soon, you’re covered in black spots, causing your mother to go “What the heck is that?”  Then your mother realizes that you’re covered in Color Explosion stuff and tries to wipe it off.  Only to discover that if you get enough on you, it stains your fingers blue and green.  It will also rub off on your mother’s hands via the baby wipe she was using.

It will also turn your mouth a different color if you happen to be a thumbsucker, which is how you got the paper wet in the first place.

Speaking of color transfers…if you should happen to suck on tissue paper, the same phenomenon will happen, which then causes your mother to panic and wonder why the heck her child is drooling blue. 

Just a FYI thanks to the household at Herding Cats. 

The color, exploding onto the thumb of Maura