A minor gripe

Today, when Maura and I were at the mall, Maura led me into the Apple store.   We went over to the iPad table, and I let her play with one (she is familiar with them because her speech therapist just got one, loaded it with speech programs, and Maura is loving playing with them.)

As Maura tapped away at the keyboard on the iPad, pressing every key possible, I overheard a Mac Store guy talking to an older gentleman about what programs to use on the Mac computer, which didn’t faze me until he said in answer to the gentleman’s question – “Do NOT get Microsoft Word – you don’t want that.  You should get…” and then names some word processing program I had never heard of.  Not even whatever program comes with the Mac.

Now granted, my husband works for Microsoft.  I use their software all the time.  I happen to love MS Word – I am one with it.  So maybe I’m biased.  But the Mac Store Dude just sounded very anti-Microsoft, instead of pro-what’s best for the customer and his needs.  If the gentlemen preferred MS Word, they make Microsoft Office for Mac.  Why not let him use it if that’s his preference?  Why make it sound like Word would cause his shiny new Apple implode?  There’s no need for that. 

I’m not anti-Apple.  I’m just tired of this idea that anything Microsoft does sucks and every single item of theirs is superior.  Especially after watching the therapist’s iPad lock up in mid-use, then when she restarted it, half the apps were missing. 

Maybe I’m just an equal-opportunity gal willing to let people decide what they like using themselves and not going along with the crowd.  I’ve never been about the label – not with clothes or purses, and I guess not about computers either.  Oh, and I’m also about what I can afford.  As long as Macbooks are $400-800 more than what I can spend on a PC, guess which one I’m buying?  

Now please, don’t fill up my comment section with posts about how Apple really is the greatest thing ever to happen to the world and that Microsoft really does suck.  I don’t want to hear it – I’ve heard it all before 🙂