Can you hear it?

If you listen quietly…in the background of my life…I’m certain circus music is playing.  At all times.

Sometimes, it’s because Maura’s juggling eggs upstairs.  Other times, it’s because Sean’s juggling a soccer ball in the middle of the living room.  It plays as naked children run through the house, as a Lego creation falls down the stairs, breaking up as it hits the steps.  It was there when we lost the hamster in the Suburban.  It is always there during tornado warnings (of which this year, we’ve had four or five already!)

Oh yes, there’s nothing like a tornado warning at 10:30 at night, trying to herd kids downstairs, dogs freaking out, get everyone settled to hear “Can I go use the bathroom?”  Only to then discover that some big nervous dog has already used the basement floor as a bathroom.

Circus music.

This morning, a  jogger went by my house (dang joggers!)  Seeing this thread to our national security, Little Dog starts yapping away.  Not to be outdone, Big Dog has to start barking and throwing a general fit as well (before the little dog arrived, tanks could have gone by our house and big dog wouldn’t have cared.) 

Annoyed with both dogs, I try to get over to where they’re at so I can shoo them away.  Except suddenly, children start popping out of no where, darting around me to gather at the door – one, two, three.  Only Maura had the good sense to ignore the goings-on.  I shoo children, give dogs the evil eye, they slink away, and there it was, faint in the background…circus music.