Why I hate mosquitos

This is what Maura looks like this morning, after getting feasted upon last night while we watched fireworks.  Ironically, she was asleep in the car when this happened. Where we were at to watch the fireworks – down the road from us by the cornfield – was infested with what seemed like thousands of mosquitos.  It was almost Hitchcockian, the amount of flying creatures trying to attack us, pecking at the car windows as we waited inside the vehicle for fireworks to start.

It was during this wait time that Maura fell asleep.  So we let her be.  I did notice she seemed to toss and turn a bit in her sleep.  Then Josh went over to the car to lean against it.  After a moment, I saw him go inside the car.  I thought he’d had enough of the flying bloodsuckers.  Until I saw him crawling around the Suburban, slapping his hands about.  During that time, he killed at least a dozen. 

When we got home, we checked Maura out, and counted about fifteen.  There was one under her eye, which concerned us, as in the past, she’s had her eye completely swell shut after getting bit by a mosquito near the eye (there’s no muscle to absorb the venom, so it causes major swelling.)  We rubbed cream on, gave her Benedryl, and sent her off to bed. 

This morning, she woke up with a swollen eye – not the one we saw the bite on.  No, the other one.  Sigh.  It’s a lot redder in person, so she looks like she was on the losing end of a fight.  That one doesn’t bother her though – it’s the ones on her arm that itch a lot apparently.  She made me take a picture of it.

She also decided, during our photo shoot, that I should take pictures of Benny the cat and Cody, aka Little Dog.  So here you go. 

Benny was not amused to have his picture taken.  But then, the cat is rarely amused.  I’m actually surprised he was awake and downstairs at this early hour in the morning.  Cody on the other hand didn’t mind having his picture taken because he is a total attention hog, especially when it’s my attention.