I know I shouldn’t admit this…

but my favorite episode of Spongebob is on.

Really, I shouldn’t admit I have one.  But I do.  We watch a lot of Spongebob.  Maura has an affection for the silly yellow goober, and there are worse things she could be watching…right? 

Anyhooey, the episode I refer to is the one where Plankton and Krabs switch lives.  Plankton takes over the Krusty Krab, thinking he has it made.  Instead, he finds out the grass is not greener on the other side, and dealing with the craziness is not worth getting the Krabby Patty secret recipe. 

Why is this my favorite episode?  For two lines.

Line 1 – “Is there a gas leak in here?” – asks Plankton as everyone goes crazy around him.

Line 2 – Uttered by Plankton as he leaves, and sometimes by me – “Goodbye everyone!  I’ll remember you all in therapy!”

Okay, a third was just uttered –

Customer – Do you think this is funny?

Plankton – In a cosmic sort of way, yes.

In case you were wondering, the second runner-up for favorite Spongebob episode is “The Camping Episode” – just because all my kids, including Collin, sing along to The Campfire Song Song.  Which despite my best efforts, I could not find one video of it to link to here.