Ways to embarrass your teen

So our local cable company has been airing ads for Soul Train, which you can watch On Demand at your convenient time.  It has caught my eye probably because they play it every fifteen minutes.  That and there is this one couple, doing this crazy dance down the center of a group.  Their both really stiff, he’s leaning backwards almost limbo-style, she’s all side to side with it.  Both in high fashion leisure suits circa 1973 or so.  Though their dance styles eclipse their clothes.

Tonight, the commercial came on for the 457th time, but this time, it caught Collin’s eye.  Collin, my fourteen-year-old, who last year saw a record player at Border’s and said “Oh look, it’s one of those things, they used to use them a long time ago…what were they called?”  Thanks kid.  You just made every adult in the store feel old.  But I digress.

He barely noticed the commerical…until the one couple came limbo-lurching across the screen.  All he could say was –  “Wow.” 

I decided to turn this into an educational moment, and informed him that if he ever royally screws up, his father and I will show up someplace in public with him and do that dance.  He responded with “AHHHH!”

I added “In those outfits.”


I should show him John Travolta staying alive – that could really put the fear of parental embarrassment in him!

Collin, ignoring me as I take his picture