my ridiculous life

Every so often – like last night as I was scrubbing Maura’s shoes in the bathroom sink because they smelled like pee after she had a complete diaper failure and made a puddle on the rest stop floor as I went the change her…sigh – sometimes I stop and think “My life is ridiculous.”

Case in point – the day before, I was in the same bathroom shaving the little dog’s behind.  You don’t want to know why, just know it’s very necessary.

One day, Maura was late to school.  When I got there, I explained to the teacher that we would have been on time, but see, as I was trying to get the girls out the door, the dogs got out.  I got the big dog back in, but had to chase down the little dog.  I finally got the little dog back in, but in trying to get Maura outside, the little dog got back out.  So once again, I was chasing down the little dog, only Maura decide to run around the yard as well, stepping in dog poop along the way.  Maura only has one pair of shoes because of her orthotics, so I had to shoo dogs and girls back inside, then scrub the shoe in the bathroom sink, as I felt those at school would appreciate it if I cleaned the dog poop off Maura’s shoes first. 

Then there was the time we had a mouse in our laundry room.  Miriam discovered it, and was screaming over it.  I was less than thrilled myself, and tried to figure out why this thing decided to come into the laundry room (which is attached to the garage.)  Now, in the laundry room is a litter box that never gets used because the cat won’t come downstairs (he doesn’t want to play “Chase the Cat” with the big dog.)  I ended up putting a second litter box upstairs, the downstairs went all but unused.  I wanted to remove the downstairs litter box, but Josh was skeptical of that, so we left it.  Back to the mouse…one day, a couple of weeks after Mim spotted the  mouse, I walk into the laundry room to find the mouse leaping out of the litter box and scurry behind the washer (and hopefully out to the garage.)  And it hit me – we use the wheat-based kitty litter.  The mouse was eating the kitty litter.

Yes, the litter box was removed immediately.  The cat hasn’t noticed, the mouse hasn’t been back.

There are little moments – like Miriam sleeping with a stuffed horse that’s bigger than her, the little dog trying to chase down the mail truck with me chasing him, the amount of popcorn Maura can consume, the fact I can’t get three blocks from the house without a son texting me to ask questions, or that I came home today from taking Maura to therapy to “sorry, I broke the living room light fixture with a Nerf sword”…and it was my husband apologizing!  HA!

What’s even more ridiculous?  I’ve come to find stuff like this pretty normal.