Thanks a lot kid

They say children make you feel younger.  They’re wrong.  Children remind you how very very old you are. 

Maybe its today’s age.  Technology has changed so much in my lifetime that what was cutting edge when I was a kid (like the game Frogger) is now ancient to my kids.  Unimaginable.  They don’t even know the words for it.

Like tonight – we’re watching Phineas and Ferb (hey, where’s Perry?), Miriam is singing along with them and I mention how that song will probably be on their next album.

“What?” she says, with that scrunched up nose questioning look.

“Well, they put out one album already.  I bet this song will be on the next one.”

Miriam gives me a look and says “Oh, you mean CD, not an album.”

Thanks Mim for reminding me that albums are soooooooo old. 

Collin did this to me last year, when we were in Border’s bookstore.  In their media department, they had different music players.  Collin sees one, points to it and says “Oh look! There’s one of those things…what they used to play music on…oh, what were they called?”

“Those, my dear, ” I said loudly, putting one arm around my teenager “are what we old-timers call Record Players.  See, waaaaaaaaay back when, we would listen to these big round discs called Records on the Record Player.”

Collin did some eye rolling and “Mooom!”-ing of me.  But I made other people my age in the media section snicker. 

Heaven forbid the day I have to explain what a mix-tape is.