Viewing things differently

27 Aug

Lately, I’ve found myself viewing things differently.  No, this isn’t some deep, insightful view on life.  I’m talking about movies.

In my younger days, I loved the movie “The Goonies”.  The idea of a treasure hunt was appealing.  So when it came on the other day, I thought “Oh!  I should let the boys watch it.”

Now, it was on some self-proclaimed “family channel” (though really, ABC’s family is really dysfunctional – but that’s another post…), so the movie was slightly edited for content.  Maybe it was the editing that really made me start viewing the movie not from a sentimental “loved this as a kid” view, but through Mom-eyes.  I’d forgotten that the boys in the movie steal a dirty magazine.  Or all the swearing. 

Tonight, “Back to the Future” came on.  It was starting just as the kids were going to bed.  Miriam asked if I could DVR it for her to watch later.  Every slightly risqué theme in the movie rushed through my head – how Marty’s supposed to go camping with his girlfriend, Lorraine smoking and underage drinking, Biff trying to take advantage of Lorraine in the car…things that just skated over my head all these years when I watched the movie suddenly were in big flashing signs. 

I told Mim I’d think about it.  I’m still thinking about it.  My kids have reached an age where I flutter between sheltering them or exposed them to it so we can discuss anything they’re curious about.  Of course, I could be blowing this all out of proportion and all the things I’m worried about are the things that will skate over my kids heads and they won’t even notice until they have kids of their own.


3 Responses to “Viewing things differently”

  1. Christine Stimson August 28, 2010 at 6:35 am #

    Yes! I have to remember to re-watch movies from my youth or young adulthood before I let the kids watch them. Karate Kid? Daniel has a huge potty mouth! The aforementioned Back to the Future. The Three Musketeers- bedroom scene, kissing contest, wenches. And I totally forgot how much violence there is in Indiana Jones movies. Thankfully Aaron remembers certain things better than I do so I will suggest a movie (like Clue) and he will start listing the reasons why that is not a good idea.

    Happens to everyone. Elijah’s best friend wanted to watch “Stargate” with Elijah. I said it was ok, so did the other mom. I show up to pick up Elijah & the mom is terribly apologetic – she (and I) had forgotten about a nude scene, which she skipped as soon as she saw.

  2. Jenn Brees August 29, 2010 at 9:44 am #

    I totally understand! I was shocked – shocked! – at the things I did not remember about Adventures in Babysitting. Good to know that Mommy Vision isn’t unique to me . . . .

    • phoebz4 August 29, 2010 at 10:25 am #

      Man, I loved “Adventures in Babysitting”…and then it came on with Miriam in the room and I remembered the whole running gag about her looking like the Playboy centerfold for that month. Ack. At least “The Princess Bride” is still safe!

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