What lurks beneath

In a desperate attempt to find the cable that charges my cell phone off my computer, I went on an all-out hunt for it.  I checked the car (and then had to chase the Little Dog, who decided to run across to our neighbor).  I checked my purses, laptop bag, the side table where it usually sits.

Finally, I had to admit it was time to delve under the couch. 

Armed with a stick and a prayer, I reached under and started pulling out items one by one.  And then more items.  Then a few more.  Really, for a couch that only has about an inch gap between itself and the floor, a gap I clean out from under at least once a month (usually in search of another shoe), it is amazing what fits under there.

Items found today were things like –

Three different shin guards


Legos (well…that’s a given…)

Josh’s Zune

Josh’s good power cord to his Macbook

The microphone for the Xbox

A tap shoe

the camera charger

One of Maura’s purses

Part of a dog bone

Several golf and ping pong balls

socks (again, a given)

a princess crown

the Flip video camera (really, the amount of electronics under the sofa was impressive today)

an American Girl book

crayons, pens and pencils

one of Maura’s dolls

one of Maura’s hats

a hair brush

the sandal of mine that I’ve checked under the couch for three times already

and several spoons.

What wasn’t under there?  The cable for my cell phone.  That actually was under the couch cushion of the loveseat.