Dear Nutri-grain

Hi there!  A commercial for your cereal bars just came on tv.  It shows a woman who in the morning, has to choose what to eat for breakfast….on the left side of the screen is her choosing a chocolate croissant.  On the right side, she chooses a Nutri-grain bar.

It shows the left and right woman going through the day, eating along the way.  The chocolate croissant woman eats brownies and pizza and chips.  The Nutri-grain bar doppelgänger eats fruits and salads.  The moral of the story – if you have a Nutri-grain cereal bar for breakfast, you will make all sorts of healthy food choices throughout the day.


I’ve bought your product…until we switched over to the Market Pantry brand that’s just as good yet cheaper.  I’ve eaten Nutri-grain bars in the past, and let me tell you, they don’t make me crave salads later on in the day.  And while my son went through a phase where a cereal bar was the only thing he wanted for breakfast, for lunch, he would still much rather scarf a pizza than a healthy bowl of vegetables.

Thanks for the false advertising, but it’s not working for me.  Actually, I now want a chocolate drizzled croissant.  The reality is, your commercial promoting healthy eating makes me crave junk.  How’s that for irony?