It’s Tuesday

I’m typing that out to remind myself that today is indeed Tuesday. I have to remember this because Tuesdays, I pick Maura up early from school and race her over to Miss Carol’s house for extra speech therapy.  Tuesdays now also mean soccer practice for Miriam and Religious Ed for Sean.  Basically, the afternoon is spent scurrying here, there, and back and oh, can we fit a trip to Target in there?  Because Collin needs a compass and protractor.

But this Tuesday was made extra busy by a 9 am appointment for Maura to pick up her new orthotics (ankle braces) – which she was SO excited to get!  She likes them as is (they’re pink and white, matched her outfit), but more so, new orthotics means new shoes.  And Maura is definitely my mother’s granddaughter when it comes to new shoes.  Eventually, Maura made it to school with all her new footwear on, showing them off to all who passed by.

Maura did give me a moment while in the car.  See, I took the Mustang this morning (as it had gas), which meant Maura rode in the booster seat.   Technically, Maura is big enough to ride in the booster seat.  The problem in the past has been that she’ll unbuckle herself.  Today though, she seemed to be good, riding along, checking things out, enjoying the freedom you get when in a seatbelt and not a 5 point harness (like she usually is.)  She would even sit correctly when I asked her too.  All was good…until we left the doctor’s office and hit the highway to the mall. 

That’s when the lure of that orange button finally got her.  She had to push it.  The girl who can’t always push hard enough to get a touch screen to work can magically unbuckle herself in a heartbeat.  A heartbeat that skipped several times in me when I realized she was unbuckled and I’m doing 70 mph down I-94.  Holy Mary Mother of God!  – which is what went through my mind when I saw her unbuckled.  Luckily, we were at a place I could pull over far off the road so I could buckle her back up and remind her not to touch the button.

It’s a shame though – she loves riding in the booster seat.  It is a little less restrictive, and honestly, I think she feels like a big girl in it.  But she needs to not touch the release button!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have new grey hairs that need covering.