Pardon me, but I have to do some shameful bragging on my children this weekend.

First of all, the boys –

This weekend was Ann Arbor GiveCamp.  In a nutshell, a bunch of Geeks with Skillz get together, pick some charities in need of geeks and their skills and build them websites or desktop applications.  Josh has helped out with GiveCamp the past three years.  This year, he asked the boys if they wanted to tag along and play the part of errand boys for the people at work.  The boys agreed to this.

Collin and Sean, from everything I’ve heard from both Josh and other people there, were amazing all weekend.  They were willing and able little slave boys, running errands, hauling items about, taking orders, doing whatever was asked of them without complaint.  They actually received special recognition at the closing ceremony.  Josh is very proud of his boys.  So much so that he’s going to go out and replace the Xbox that gave us the Red Ring of Death last evening.

While the boys were doing good, Miriam went and auditioned for a part in a local company’s production of The Nutcracker.  A former theater/dance geek myself, I was probably more nervous for her than she was about the audition.  She left not wondering if she’d get a part, but which one.  Gotta love that self-confidence!  We found out tonight that she got a part – she’ll be one of the mice!

Yes, it’s been a good weekend to be our kids’ parents 🙂