It’s 9 o’clock…

… and all is well.  I’m here on the laptop, Little Dog is curled up between me and the arm of the couch.  Josh and Collin are bonding over Halo Reach (playing on Xbox Live with our friend Matt.)  The other three are in bed.  Collin’s been allowed to stay up late and play with the guys because he cleaned the whole kitchen today, including the floor.  Right now, all is calm and laid back, which is a contrast to how our days have been going.

We’re not one to over-schedule our kids.  We don’t believe in it.  We think they should have downtime, time to lay in the grass and look at the clouds, like Miriam did after soccer practice tonight.  However, with four kids, life suddenly got busy.  Miriam is the one with the busiest schedule – she wanted to do dance, she also wanted to do soccer, then we added The Nutcracker into the equation. Our weekends revolve around soccer, and how to get to Mass and soccer games.  We are getting good at the quick-change.  It also helps that our soccer coaches are also Catholic and arranged practices around Religious Ed nights 😉

Despite the hectic pace, today we managed to slow it down a little.  We had a meeting at school, so we brought the boys with, who watched over the girls until we were done.  Then we made our way to Dairy Queen for one last Blizzard before it closes for the season this weekend.  We sat on the steps of the old red mill and enjoyed the breeze and our ice cream.  Then we wandered about the Farmer’s Market, picking up some of our favorites (the kids got a lemon loaf, I got freshly made salsa and chips.)  Josh even managed a fifteen minute power nap before he whisked kids off to soccer practice.

Tomorrow will be another day of hit the ground and run.  Or more like hit the phone and make those calls I haven’t gotten to do yet.  But for the moment, I shall enjoy putzing around on the computer.