Frumpy Mom

I had a moment today, while shopping for Josh at Eddie Bauer.  Okay, two moments.  The first was “Wow, when did I become someone who shopped at Eddie Bauer?”, which made me want to run home and put on my Doc Martens.

That moment led to another moment.  When I realized that I was dressed like the poster girl for “Frumpy Mom”.

I try to avoid Frumpy Mom.  But it sneaks in there when I least expect it.  One day, I’m looking casually cute.  A nice tee, decent jeans, cute shoes, hair done.  Today was not that day.  It could have been, it just wasn’t.

The main thing that pushed me into Frumpy Mom mode was the fact that I grabbed what was a clean t-shirt that I didn’t realize had a stain on the front until I was already out.  How I missed it at home is a testimony to my need for coffee in the morning.  Then I paired the stained shirt with the first sweater I grabbed – the XXL one that’s great for snuggling in at home but is a bit shapeless and baggy (which is why it’s perfect for snuggling into at home.)  My hair was not cooperating either – I decided to try a new product which instead of making my hair feel soft and luxurious, made it feel slightly greasy and weighed down.

None of this was really noted as I got ready (except the hair)…but at the check out counter in Eddie Bauer, I suddenly felt old and frumpy.  I debated on whether I could suck it up or not.  I was only running errands – grocery store, Target, mall.  No big deal…except it was.

An hour later, I was wearing a new shirt and some lip gloss feeling much better.  I even discovered I had a cardigan in the truck that did fit me nicely.  I was no fashion model, but I left Frumpy Mom behind.