Frumpy Mom Returns

So after last week’s Frumpy Mom at the Mall incident, I vowed to myself that I would make more of an effort in my appearance, so I would feel better about myself. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

And then, I spent all weekend at a soccer tournament. In 50 degree weather. And wind. And rain at times. I stopped caring about how I looked. I just wanted to be warm. Who cares if I the look of a Romanian refugee from WWII? It was about survival at that point. And really, I was stylish compared to other parents who completely gave up and swathed themselves in blankets (mental note – next time, bring sleeping bag to keep warm in – some other parent did this and I was envious.)

The fallout from spending Friday night, Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning and afternoon on soccer sidelines was the gift of a wonderful head cold. I cannot be stylish while sniffling. I want to be ready to fall over and nap when I get the chance. So out came the yoga pants and comfy tees. I’m in Mommy Survival Mode. Because despite wanting to fall over and nap, I still have to do things like sit around dance class for three hours and pick up kids from soccer. They like it when you pick your child up from practice I’ve found out.

I am amused with myself – I look like I’m all ready to work out, go for a five-mile walk or you know, do yoga in these yoga pants. Yeah…that is so not happening!