If there were only answers…

Sometimes, when I see my children do something odd, I try to go back into my own childhood to find the answer.  Like Sillybands (those rubber band bracelets that are all the rage right now.)  To an adult, they make no sense.  But I remember back to my childhood, when friendship pins were the coolest things ever.  Sillybands then make sense.

But other times, I just don’t get why my children are doing things.  I’ll even ask them “Why?  Why are you doing that?  Why?”  Sometimes I get an answer.  Sometimes it’s “Uh…I dunno.”  Sometimes the answer is “Because they’re a child.”

There are questions I know the answer to.  The answer is “Because we’re lazy.”  The questions are “Why do you leave your dirty clothes on the bathroom floor two feet from the hamper?” and “Why, when I ask you to load the dishwasher, do you NEVER EVER get the dishes out of the sink?”  and “Why do you keep stuffing the garbage can until it overflows instead of taking out the trash?”  Because they’re normal lazy kids.  They’ll outgrow this, I know it. Because eventually, they’ll either mature, or get tired of me ranting about the same issue over and over.  Or I get smart and say “Load the dishwasher, STARTING with the dishes in the sink.”

But then there are things that just make no sense.  I’m not sure an answer would make sense.  Case in point – the sleep mask rage.

My kids have a tendency to fall asleep with some form of light on, usually because they fall asleep reading.  The girls are still in night-light phase.  I now have a routine that at night, I check bedrooms, turn off lights if need be.

The other day, I wasn’t feeling well and my eyes were itchy and blurry.  I was laying on the couch and asked the kids if they could find me something to put over my eyes.  Sean ran upstairs and brought down a sleep mask.  He said “Here, this is what Collin uses at night.”

Say what?

Yes, my son falls asleep with a sleep mask over his eyes, you know, to block out the lights in the room.  I blame it on Sean, who has the overhead light on so he can read at night.  Even better, Miriam – who refuses to fall asleep without some light on – has taken to wearing a sleep mask as well.  It’s so funny, going into her room, turning off lights, and her laying in bed with a mask over her eyes.  Makes me giggle every time I see it.

Now, if I could get them to explain to me why they will take their clothes upstairs and put the pile of folded items on top of their dresser instead of in it…or why Mim has decided she likes the boys plain red sheets better than the blue floral ones she insisted she needed…or why Maura has decided it’s fun to eat paper and stick things up her nose…or why the boys insist on parking their bikes next to the car in the driveway or in front of the side door…