Have I ever mentioned…

that we’re not really normal people?  And by not really normal people, I mean we’re really, steadfastly, knee-deep in eccentricities?

I was thinking about this tonight as Josh and the older three all bonded while playing Halo (for those not in the know, Halo is a video game – you spend your time hunting down one another and trying to take the other person out.)  It’s one thing for Josh and the boys to play it.  It’s another thing for Miriam to get all excited when it’s time to play.  For a little princess, she does have a bit of a vicious streak.

Of course, you can’t blame the children.  They’re just innocent victims of the gene pool. After all – how can you expect to have normal kids and a normal family life when you meet your future spouse on stage?  Literally – on stage.  I use this as an excuse for my children’s behaviors.  Even worse?  People accept this excuse, once they’re done laughing. It does explain a lot.  Maura’s dramatics.  Sean’s goofiness.  Miriam’s diva-ness.  Collin’s need to direct the younger three.

I’ll admit – once in a while, I am surprised that we’re as normal as we are.  Josh has a nice steady corporate job.  We do the soccer thing with the kids.  We go to church on Sundays.

Hmm…I guess that’s where the normal ends.  After that, there are things like spending holidays in the ER, taking Maura to Great Big Sea concerts, searching for hamsters in the Really Big SUV, trying to talk the boys into dressing up like the Spanish Inquisition for Halloween (they won’t go for it unfortunately), pretending the little dog is a ninja (okay, I started that one), our annual Nerf Gun Battle Christmas night (Josh started that one….but you should see Grandma get into it! I always choose to be on her team!)

We do things with style and flair.  We can’t just break a bone, we have to break it along the growth plate.  Maura’s first seizure?  Was on horseback.  Miriam had a nosebleed during First Communion.  We’ve chased bats around the house more than once, and with house guests sometimes.  Heck, right after our wedding rehearsal, our families and friends had to duck for cover because there was a drug bust down the street and men were running by with guns.

Really – that should have been the key sign that my life with Josh was never going to be ordinary.

Once – many moons ago – I said to my therapist that I wanted a normal life, just for one week.  (Yes, I was seeing a therapist – if you were living my life then, you would too!  lol!)  She looked at me and laughed, saying “Oh please – you’d be bored with normal!”

She was a wise woman.  I love my crazy life with my crazy family.  Anything less would be boring.