The Haunted Closet

Okay, the closet isn’t really haunted, I just joke it is. See, no child of mine can figure out how to close the coat closet door.  It’s a big walk-in closet in the dining room that has the basement door and stairwell also inside of it.  Plus four thousand coats, shoes, backpacks, hats, soccer gear, dance gear, and so on , and so forth.

I don’t know why my children can’t close the door.  It’s as if they’re physically unable to.  They’re very good about opening the door however, so the door is constantly open.  With the light on.  Which drives me nuts, especially when I drive up to my house and through the window see that blasted door wide open, our coats and junk on display, lit by that ever-so-stylish bare light bulb inside the closet.

Yesterday, I kept closing the closet door, only to walk through the dining room and find the door wide open.  So I’d close it.  And find it open.  So I closed it, making sure the latch caught.  The boys asked to go to the library, I said yes, and five minutes later, I find the closet door….yep…wide open.

I closed it again, this time I placed a chair in front of the door, joking to Josh about how if we have a ghost, this time we’ll prove it.  Eventually the boys came home and yep – door opened, chair nudged out of the way.  I said in my best ghost adventuring hunter voice “Oh wow!  The chair moved!”

Josh, who’d been sitting in the dining room, looked up and for one moment, was startled to see the chair had moved and the door open.  For one tiny moment, I had him.  Which is no easy trick.

Miriam sometimes will ask if the house is haunted.  I tell her that we have enough people living here, we have no room for ghosts – but if we were to have a ghost, then that ghost needs to pitch in and fold laundry or do dishes.  Which pretty much guarantees we will never be haunted.

It’s a shame – I wouldn’t mind help with the laundry.  Heck, I’ll take a ghost that shuts doors around here.