I’ve discovered and decided to take the NaNoWriMo challenge this year!

Wait – what is NaNoWriMo?  It’s National Novel Writing Month of course!  It’s a challenge, to take an original idea and write 50,000 words between November 1st and November 30th.  The prize?  Bragging rights and who knows? Maybe a possibly publishable book.

I’ve always wanted to become a published writer.  Josh supports that (he just wants to be the kept man really.)  But the past fourteen years have been cluttered up in the best possible way, keeping me from having a complete thought, let alone time to write.  Sure, other mothers have been able to juggle tending children and writing.  They’re also the ones either baking everything from scratch and PTO presidents, or they have a nanny.  I am neither type, and I am okay with that.  I’ve always known that someday, I would get serious about it all.

Suddenly, someday has crept up on me.  It’s no longer about wanting to do this.  It’s needing to do it.  Maybe it’s because I’m going to turn 40 someday (sooner than later).  Maybe it’s because life with Maura has made me realize that there will never be a time I won’t be a hands-on mom.  Mostly though, it’s this feeling that my life has gotten into a rut, and I’ve gotten comfortable in that rut.  Comfortable is safe.  I’m ready to take risks.

Oh sure, trying to write 50,000 words doesn’t seem like the biggest risk to take.  No, the biggest risk would be getting a tattoo and letting my mother AND mother-in-law know (don’t worry, absolutely zero plans on getting a tattoo, please don’t call me Mom/Susan!)    No, this is all more of a personal challenge.  I’m not the most organized of people. I use most of those powers to get my children to the right place at the right time, not on myself.  And I’ve started an outline, which is not my style.  Yes, I’m going all out of my comfort zones now, learning some discipline and all.  Well, at least having good intentions.

I do intend on winning the challenge.  I hope I have something good and interesting to a publisher at the end of it.  I’ve even decided to get the boys to do the Young Writers Program, as they constantly are jotting down story ideas for a video game they’re plotting out.  Also, if I have them writing, then they’ll be too busy to bother me during the daytime.  Oh yes, I’m making plans!

So if you’ve toyed with the idea of writing a novel, join in on NaNoWriMo, and look me up.  If I finish it and it’s good enough to be published, well, I expect you all to buy a copy 😉