Music…Tuesday – She’s on Fire

Okay, so yesterday I was busy typing away, getting a great start off to NaNoWriMo.  But today, as I scrolled through my music for something to write too, I chose Train, and the first song on my list is “She’s on Fire”, off their Drops of Jupiter album.

I love the band Train.  I love their lyrics and how their style is always a little different.  Josh said to me once “The difference between my musical taste and yours is I like something with a good beat.  You like something with interesting lyrics that you can sing along to.”  So true.

I loved this song from the beginning.  Great beat, great feel, great lyrics, great build-up near the end.  I love a good musical build-up.  It’s a song you can dance around like a fool to in your living room.  And yes, there are days I may do that, as a perk-me-up.  But there’s more about this song than just that for me.

About four years ago, I tagged along with Josh to a really big Microsoft conference in Boston.  It was the Big Conference, something like 10-15,000 attendees.  Josh was manning booths and giving talks during the day while I slept in and visited  my friend across the state line in Rhode Island.  At night, there were different parties to go to, which Josh and I hit a lot of.  I will admit that I was impressed with the enormity of it all.  Microsoft does not skimp on their conferences.  The proof of this was the final party, which everyone could attend, bring a guest, etc.

They rented Fenway Park.  Fenway.  Home of the Boston Red Sox.  The whole dang stadium.  Josh gave me the conference flyer that talked about the different things to do at the party at Fenway and right there on the cover was a picture of Train.  Yes, Microsoft got Train to play for the conference.  I looked at Josh and did a great impression of a teenage girl going “OMG! They got Train!”

Josh and his friend said “Who?”


Luckily, my husband loves me and indulges me.  So when I wanted really up close seats, he followed along, instead of going up to the sky boxes with his mates.  I was truly geeked – I had fourth row seats to Train.  Not only that, but since we were at Fenway Park, they didn’t put the stage on the field (heaven forbid they ruin the grass!)  Instead, they bumped it up against one of the dugouts.

After a very loud opening act, Train came on.  I was thrilled.  Josh chatted with his friend and didn’t tease me when I got my fangirl on.  I wanted to hear “Drops of Jupiter” and “She’s on Fire”. That was all I wanted.  I ended up with so much more!

Yes, they played “She’s on Fire”.  And midway through it, the lead singer said “When they told us we would play for a Microsoft event, we thought there would be more ladies.” , which got a hearty laugh from the crowd as it was 99.3% male.  Then the lead singer said “Why don’t we get some of you lovely ladies up here with us?”

I’ll admit – I freeze on occasions like this.  The spirit is more than willing, the feet don’t move.  Luckily, I have a husband that dives into things head first.  He looked at me, said “Go!” and gave me a push forward. Next thing I know, I have two guys helping me up on stage with some other women.  Eventually, there were about 25-30 women up there, I was right next to the lead singer, up on the big screens across the stadium as Josh received texts like “Hey, do you know where your wife is?”  as I danced on the dugout roof in Fenway Park as Train played one of my favorite songs.

Oh yeah, it was quite the moment in my life.  Not bad for a thirty-something mom of four.  And even better, since I didn’t partake in any of the free beer, I didn’t do anything embarrassing or fall off the stage (which did happen to a couple girls – they were fine but gave security a heart attack!)

So now, one of my still favorite songs has one of my favorite memories entwined with it.  Again, not bad, not bad at all.