Just in time for Christmas…

Maura is now sporting a lovely head-wound look.

The irony of it all was last night, while down at Josh’s grandparents house, I was telling one of his cousins how it’s a tradition that we spend holidays in the ER.  Last 4th of July.  This past Easter.  Two different Thanksgivings. Labor Day, New Year’s Day, and so on.

Talk about jinxing yourself.

Maura sort of fell asleep on the way home, but woke up when we pulled into the driveway.  She was in a great mood, gave us a goofy smile, got out of her seat…and promptly fell straight out of the very tall Suburban. From the other side of the vehicle, I heard something hit the metal step (her feet), Sean (who was behind Maura) call out, and Maura started crying.  I got around the truck to find her face first on the cement.

I’m pretty tough about these things, but last night, I found myself not wanting to look at her face.  I was braced for lots of blood and unwilling to look for it.  I did however instantly scoop her up, hauled her into the house, and heard Josh says “Oh, there is a little cut.”

Just a little cut? Phew!

She actually landed on the side of her face and not a full, teeth-bashing, nose-breaking face plant.  She has a cut above her eyebrow and the side of her face is scraped up a bit, but otherwise, much better than I feared.  We expected more bruising as well, but there’s none really.  Oh, she still looks like she lost a fight with a brick wall, but at least it looks like she held her own instead of a total KO.

Hopefully, this will be our only injury for the holidays – from my mouth to God’s ears!