Dear Santa

Hi there.  I know it’s late in the game for you, but I have two wishes…

First, I’d like you to leave large amounts of coal for whatever twit took the stack of Christmas cards I left in the car – all stamped, sealed and ready to deliver – took them and ripped several open, scattering the rest along the road.  If you don’t have coal, I’m sure you can find something appropriate for this particular grinch who stole my Christmas cards.

After that, I would like you to find something extra-special for the very nice neighbor, who found the discarded cards on the side of the road, picked them all up, and returned them to my in-law’s house.  She proved that for one stinker in the world, there is at least one more nice person.  She deserves something good this year.


The woman who is locking the doors of her car from now on….