January 24th

That’s the day the movers come to pack up our stuff.  I am currently in denial about just how quickly that date will arrive.  I’ve been able to not recognize that date by distracting myself with things like trying to get Maura to pee in a cup (long story shorter – someone spilled the urine sample we spent two hours getting Maura to produce), skidding out of control in my car (see yesterday’s post), and cleaning snow off my car.

People have asked us “Did you find a place?”  That would be a negative.  I looked at several different houses and learned that they’re pretty basically the same.  Some were better than others.  One was crappy, another was extremely nice.  I did learned many things as well during our three day whirlwind through Dublin before Christmas.  Things like…

– Most people don’t have dryers.  Dryer’s are really expensive to run, so it’s much more common to just hang stuff out to dry.  Every house I looked at had a clothesline in the back garden.

– There is almost NO storage in these houses.  I knew that in theory, but standing in one and noting the lack of closets made me come home and reevaluate what all we’re bringing with us.

– Their idea of a full-size refrigerator is a lot different than our size.  To the point where they’ll advertise “American style refrigerator”. You can also rent a house that has a small (think large dorm size) fridge and no freezer.

– Plastic grocery bags have been banned by the government.  If you go grocery shopping, you must bring your own bag.  I’ll be showing up at Dunne’s supermarket with my Target and Whole Foods bags.

– The Dublin area looks a lot larger on a map.

– The boys may have to wear Harry Potter-like school uniforms (well, minus the robes and wands.)  They think they hate polo shirts for church, can’t wait until they have to wear button downs and sweaters every day!  LOL!

– I’m going to have to learn how to drive stick shift on the left hand side of the road.

– Everything is more expensive there.  Which again, I knew in theory.  But paying 8 Euros for just a burger reminded me of that.

– We get to choose if Maura goes to a special school or a regular school with an assistant.  Ooo, the novelty of choice!

But back to packing….

Well, not really.  See, we can’t pack our stuff.  The company will do that for us.  Instead, we’re packing up what we’re not bringing with us.  I am referring to it as packing in reverse.  Our dining room looks like an episode of “Hoarders”, as there were empty boxes piled to the ceiling at one point.  I’ve made much use of Goodwill, and my friends are totally benefiting from our  move.

And oddly enough – we’re making a few strategic purchases.  Because things are more expensive over there, we’re purchasing things here to bring over.  Like new towels and a basketball hoop.  I plan on getting the kids new shoes before we go as well.  Oh, and Maura picked out a giant penguin at the store the other day.  Yes, it was a necessary purchase….to Maura.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s that time of the day I rock in a corner and suck my thumb 😉