Knitting makes you think

No, really.  It does.  At least it makes me think.

I was knitting one day and thought “I wonder who started this?”  Not just started me on knitting (that was because of friends influences and  my own Crafting ADD.)  No, it was more along the lines of “What person thought to themselves one day – Hey, if I took two pointy sticks, I could weave this yarn together to make clothing!”  How did it occur to them to put the knitting stitches together to create socks, sweaters, hats?  I’ve yet to get to the point where I can come up with a simple scarf pattern even.

Of course, the question that comes before that is, who looked at a sheep one day and said “Hmmm…if I shave his fur off, I could comb it, card it, spin it up into yarn to knit up.”  Same with cotton plants.  Someone looked at that one day and said “I bet I could do something with this!”

It is curious sometimes, how the human mind works.