Music Tuesday – Little Lion Man

Every time I mention this song to someone, they tell me they haven’t heard it yet.  So I must share it.  Granted, the chorus uses the F word in it…which I will be big enough to admit, is part of the charm of the song to me.  Because sometimes, you just have to say you f’ed up, right?  But if you don’t want your 3 yr old singing along to it, wait until they’re out of earshot to play the song.  You have been warned.

The first time I heard this song was while I was flipping channels.  It was on VH1, which was actually playing music videos at that moment.  Shocking.  But I heard it, and instantly loved it.  I had to have this song on my iPod.  There’s something brilliantly charming to me about this song.  The harmonies and the banjo really bring it all together.

And then, when we were in Dublin before Christmas, a group of street musicians were performing it and they were just as brilliant as well and that settled it.  I love this song.

But since no one I know seems to know this song, I have to share it.  So now you know of it.

Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man