And now, we wait

People have been asking when we’re leaving for Ireland.  The answer we have is “soon”.  But we don’t have an exact date yet.  We’re now waiting on the green card (which I did wonder, is it actually green in color?).

The green card had an arrival date of yesterday.  So it’s an any day now thing.  Possibly Monday, if not Monday, then Tuesday – and so on and so forth.  Once the green card comes, the movers will come and pack up the stuff we’re taking with us.  They can’t take it until A) we have an Irish Tax ID # and B) we have plane tickets (so that our air shipment doesn’t sit around in customs for days.)

Once the green card gets here, then it’s a matter of days until we’re out of here.  Like if it arrives Monday, we could be on a flight to Dublin that weekend.


No, we don’t have a place to rent yet.  But the company is going to put us up in a place for six weeks while we look for a rental (which we’ve been looking online, so I’m not worried about that too much.)

No, we’re not ready.  I have a ton of stuff to sort through still for the packers.  Lots of stuff still.  Less than before at least.  But more than I want to deal with!  lol!  And there are lots of last minute, tying up loose ends things that need to be taken care of.

I am however ready for this process to be done with.  I dislike moving, even if it’s to a super-cool new place like Dublin.