And the countdown begins

Aka – installment whatever in the Great Move to Ireland Saga

The movers come Tuesday and Wednesday.  We have plane tickets to leave at 3:45-ish on Thursday.  We’re down to the wire, with of course too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

But we can’t just leave like normal people.  Oh no.  The State of Michigan has decided to send us off with style – there’s a snowstorm heading our way Tuesday and Wednesday.  Eight to twelve inches, plus wind gusts.  Woohoo!  At least we don’t have to pack the moving containers.  There are people who’ll do that for us.  In a snowstorm.  Poor guys.  I feel like I should bake them cookies or something.  Which I can’t do – they’ll need the baking sheets.

Come Friday, we’ll be in Dublin….if we make it through airport security.  That’s something I’m a little nervous about.  See, when we went to get the kids passports, the woman at the post office made the kids raise their right hands, then said “Do you solemnly swear the information in these documents is true?”  And one of my uber-literal kids said “Well, I don’t know, I didn’t fill it out.”  So lord only knows how they’ll answer the TSA’s questions.  If you don’t see us on the news Thursday night, that means they let us on the plane 😉

And now, I must go pack something….