It’s D-Day

Well, Fly to D Day.

It’s finally here – today we board a plane to Dublin and start a new chapter in our lives.  If we make it through security.

The bags are all packed – all 492 of them.  Okay, not that many, but Josh saw the pile and the professional traveller in him said “Oh great, we’ll be one of those families I hate.”  We have 6 checked bags, plus everyone has a backpack, plus five carry ons, one of which is Maura’s Big Bag of Medicines.  Which is what will stall us for a bit at security. 

I’ve got gum, water bottles to fill, snacks, Zunes, iPods, iPad, and all things Nintendo charged up.  New games were bought.  The Tinkerbell movie has been installed on the iPad.  I have headphones for everyone.  Plus laptops and knitting and books.  Pillow pets, travel pillows, travel blankets.  Every small thing I could think of to make 7+ hours on an airplane with four kids the least painful process as possible without bringing too much stuff.

So wish us luck!  I’ve already told the kids that if they have to divert the plane to let us off in Greenland, they’re in BIG trouble.  They have promised to behave themselves.