Let the Dublin Invasion begin!

We made it. We finally made it.  After a week of being put off, we finally were able to board a plane and take off and land in Dublin without any incidents.  Plus a new Nintendo DS for Collin.

I have to keep this short and sweet though, because the outlet converter that should have worked for my laptop, which said on the power box was good up to 240 volts, just hissed and blew smoke before dying.  I’m thankful it didn’t take my laptop with it in its demise.  However, my laptop’s battery is crap, so I have very limited time.

We arrived at 8:30 am in Dublin, and the wind was blowing hard.  Gale force winds have apparently been blowing for three days.  Lucky us, we get to experience more extreme weather.  But as Sean pointed out, it is better than snow.  And this morning we woke up to lots of sunlight and less wind.  The girls played outside for a bit, which made Maura extremely happy.

I’m already realizing some of the adjustments I didn’t expect.  Like the oven being in Celsius temperature.  Living in Ireland will force me to improve my math skills, which aren’t great (there was a reason I was an English major in college!)  The clothes washer is tiny and from what I have heard, the dryer is a bit useless.  It doesn’t use hot air, just spins the clothes around until there’s no more water in them.  I’ve already made use of the drying rack that was left here in the temporary house.

The temp house – is fun.  Tiny back garden, barely enough space out front to park.  But inside is three levels and all is lovely.  The downstairs consists of a reception area with a tiny WC (Water Closet – aka guest bathroom or powder room), then a bathroom with en suite bath, then the kitchen/dining room, which also has the tiny, poorly designed laundry room.  Upstairs has a large living room with gas fireplace and windows that really look like conservatory windows, which is cool.  There are also two more bedrooms and a bathroom.  Above that is an attic bedroom with an en suite bathroom.   So we’re very spread out here for what would be considered a smaller home in America.

The kids are doing great.  Sean has decided he likes Ireland.  Collin thinks the heated towel racks are awesome. Miriam loves the Microsoft gang we met yesterday…probably because they were buying bags of sweets for them.  Maura – I think she’s happy to be in a house again after several days of hotels and airplanes.  Josh has gone straight to work today.  And I’ve done two loads of laundry and am about to walk up to the grocery store to buy more food. Because I’m afraid to drive the car without any practice.

Yes, I have to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road here (note I didn’t say “wrong side”, because here, it’s considered the correct side, lol!)  But it’s not that so much as I have to do it while driving a stick shift, left handed.  I’m not great with my left hand.  I’m very very right handed.  At least everything’s the same, just on the left side.  And that’s what will take some practice.

Meanwhile, I’m also going through the “I should have packed this” regret stage.  Like I should have packed the spring coats in the air cargo shipment.  I should have bought more diapers for Maura, and placed half in the air cargo, half in a suitcase.  I should have packed the pizza cutter!  But we will manage with what we have, I’m certain.  It will just take a while to shake off our American standards of Stuff.  We really do like our Stuff in America, and in great quantities.  But that’s something to get into when I have more battery life on my laptop!