Friday Night in Dublin

I should be doing something more, being my first Friday in Dublin.  Instead, I slept in too long, cleaned up in the kitchen, did some laundry, fell asleep on the sofa as the girls watched iCarly.  Haven’t left the house all day.  That would require driving.

Yes, driving has been an issue for me.  I’m afraid to.  First, they drive on the left side of the road, not the right.  So everything opposite to what I’m used to.  Then, they’re really big on manual transmissions, which means almost every car is a stick shift.  And since everything is opposite, it means I’m shifting with my left hand. I’m extremely right handed.  The left arm on my body has been good for carrying children on that side while I did everything with the right hand.  Luckily, I’ve been driving a stick shift for a while recently, so don’t have to brush up that skill on top of everything else.

Josh finally made me try driving yesterday (after we invaded Tesco’s and didn’t get kicked out)…and I discovered that shifting wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Judging distance on my left side – that’s going to be the tricky part.  Which is weird – I’m usually very good about judging distances while driving, thanks to my dad who, when I was a teen, would make me drive circles in the parking lot of the forest preserves trying to run over a cup so I’d know exactly where the wheels were.

Guess I’m going to have to find an empty parking lot and a paper cup, huh?

Inside the house, I’m trying to figure out the appliances without burning dinner or ruining clothes.  I’ve got the washer figured out…but the agent also showed me how to use it or else I’d probably still be staring at it.  I’ve never seen a clothes washer with so many settings!  And all the appliances have dials.  And no words like “high” and “broil”.  Just little squiggly marks and lines.  If the agent hadn’t shown me which setting was for baking on the oven, I’d never guess that it was the one with the fan symbol.

Maura is fascinated with the electric kettle.  She thinks it’s cool, how it hisses and bubbles as soon as you turn it on.  Sean and Miriam are most fascinated with…the toaster.  It’s just a regular toaster, but we’ve had a toaster oven for years.  This is new to them!  Collin’s just happy we bought new chargers for their DS’s, so he can play his video games.  Yes, it really is the simple things sometimes.