another FAQ

… as our move has brought up more questions from people –

Have you found a house yet?

No.  We thought we had the area we wanted to live in narrowed down, but we’re back to “Should we live close to the office, or further out but still on the train line?” question.  We have houses to look at though.  And we have five more weeks in the temporary housing.

How are the kids doing?

They’re doing fine.  Collin is enjoying having his own room, and getting to play video games more.  Sean is enjoying all the new things around us, like the aisle of bacon at the grocery store and the heated towel racks.  Maura is doing exceptionally well for someone who doesn’t get what’s going on.  She has her Tinker Bell dolls, her penguins and her family with her – she’s pretty darn good.  Miriam has had a couple weepy moments, over missing friends or pets.  But then she perks right back up and is enjoying life here.

All of them are enjoying time off of school.

Speaking of schools, have they started school yet?

No.  We’re waiting until we know where we’re living to enroll them in schools.  We’re hoping that at least one set of kids is in walking distance of school.  I’m hoping the girls are.  The boys can easily ride their bikes to and from school if need be.

How’s the weather?

As Josh said, it’s great!  And by great!, we mean not snowing!  Actually, I’ve seen more sunlight here in Dublin this week than I have in a month in Michigan.  Sure, we’ve had rain. We were met with gale force winds, but those have died down.  It’s sunny as I type this.  It’s not Southern California sunny all the time.  But most days, we’ve had some time with the sun.  Add 45 degree temperatures to it and we’re happy.  It’s also the beginning of springtime here, so there are little flowers beginning to bloom.  It does seem strange, to sort of skip over the rest of winter, but I’m not going to complain!

All in all, it’s going pretty well. Hectic, but well.  We got the kids out of the house this weekend and saw Dalkey Castle on Saturday, then Grafton Street and St. Stephen’s Green on Sunday.

Today, the house cleaner comes (I am way too excited about this) and then after that, it’s another trip to Tesco, so we’ll have something for dinner. It’s beginning to settle in that we’ve actually done this.  Last week I went back and forth with being very excited to being astounded we did this, and worried that we’ve made a terrible mistake.  I’m sure this week will be a lot of the same.  I’m hoping once we have a place and our stuff and back into school routines, life will seem more normal.  Even if nothing at the grocery store makes sense 😉

Maura in the back garden