Sight-seeing Weekend

Thank goodness I’m married to my husband.  Because if it weren’t for him, my children probably wouldn’t see a whole lot.  Josh is a very “Let’s go do something!” kind of guy.  Last weekend, while we were on Grafton Street, he remembered that the tourist center was nearby so herded us all there, and told us to pick out whatever looked interesting to us on the Wall of Brochures.  Friday night, he piled them all on the table and said “Okay, what shall we do this weekend?”

Saturday, we went to Howth, which is north of Dublin. It was originally a fishing village, and fishing is still big there.  Josh was told by someone that you could go there, and on the docks, the sea lions come right up to be fed.  This intrigued us, so we went.

The sea lions, waiting for a fish


The little puppy dog faces they would give you...


A toddler threw her doll into the water...but don't worry, her dad rescued him!
Part of the pier at Howth

After watching the sea lions be fed (and the dramatic rescue of the little girl’s “teddy”), we walked down the pier, which is full of seafood shops and restaurants, and went to the end of the pier, where there’s a great view of the bay and the island off it (which is called Ireland’s Eye and is home to a Martello Tower).

One end of the pier
Ireland's Eye
Miriam taking in the view
Josh, Phoebe, Collin, Maura and Miriam
Sean, who took the above picture
Miriam...doesn't she look all inspirational and post cardy?

And now it’s late, so I’ll post pictures from today’s outing tomorrow.  Stay tuned….