By the sea shore…

Yesterday, we went to Bray, as Miriam wanted to go to the Bray Sealife Aquarium.  It was going to be rainy and gross out, so we thought something indoor was a good idea!

It’s a small aquarium, not so much a place to wander through as the exhibits are set up in such a way you follow along the path and don’t really go back.  The exhibits themselves are small too.  But when we got our tickets, they gave the kids each a sheet with colors to scratch off and told them to look for the questions, scratch off what color they thought the answers were.  There were ten questions total, but enough to keep their attention, especially when they discovered that reading all those plaques next to the exhibits might give you the answers…ooo…

Maura stopped in her tracks when she saw the sea horses, and just watched them for awhile.  I was fascinated by the shark hatchery tank, full of little shark egg pods that were somewhat transparent.  The best though was the big open topped tank with rays and other fish that kept surfacing right by us.

The big Lego scuba diver that the kids thought was awesome


The sign on the piranha tank that made me giggle


Sean and one of the rays (which was not a sting ray, according to Sean, who knows these things.)


Sean and his new fishy friend


All in all, we had a good time.  Sure, it wasn’t the biggest aquarium we’ve been to.  But the kids were happy, the crowd was nice, and the fish were very friendly 😉

Afterwards, we walked to the beach area behind the aquarium, where the wind was blowing something fierce and the kids played chase with the waves coming in…

Miriam along the shore


Miriam balancing on a small rock to keep out of the water