Sweet Mim

First, I have to say that she came down just now with the detangler to have me spray it in her hair because she wanted to be “precautious”.  I like that word.  I think I shall start using it.

Miriam is not the child in the household that’s intuitive.  That usually goes to Collin.  Collin has always been a little more perceptive than other kids his age.  Miriam usually gets the awards for Most Outgoing and Self-Confidence.  Today, she earned the Sweetest Kid award.

This morning, I received a phone call with disappointing but  not tragic news.  I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for and was pretty bummed out by it.  Maura had crawled into my bed and was watching Sponge Bob, so I had left the room to take notes from the phone call. I vaguely registered the sight of breakfast laid out on the table, but finished dealing with the phone call and then went back into the bedroom to hang out with Maura.

Miriam came in and said “Did you see the breakfast I made you?”  I told her I did see the breakfast, but didn’t realize it was for me.  She put out some pancakes, on the pancakes, made a heart in Frosted Flakes, and left an “I love you Mom” note next to the orange juice.  Aww.

And then she said “I wanted to do something nice for you because I know you have a hard time with Maura.”  Do you know how hard it is to eat pancakes when you’re sniffling?



My very own Mad Madam Mim