Random thoughts from this week

As I sneak the last big cookie whilst hiding from the kids…

Oh sure, NOW they all come downstairs.

Okay, shooed them back to the other room, let the cookie sneaking commence –

As I was trying to say, I’ve been collecting little tidbits from the week, about life and life here in Ireland, trying to decide which to post about.  None would make a full post, so instead of trying to stretch one thought to its max, you’ll get a bunch of little thoughts.

My first thought – I need to keep an eye on Mim more, especially when she’s in control of the tv remote.  She was just asking how newborn babies look when they’re born.  When I asked why, she said “Well, I was watching this show, “16 and Pregnant”….”  AHHHHHH!  New rule – you’re not allowed to watch anything on Mtv without checking with me first.

Earlier today, I made yet another trip to Tesco (my children keep eating all the food I bring home to our tiny refrigerator.)  I decided to glance down the deodorant aisle and to my surprise, almost all the deodorants are sprays.  Some are roll-ons.  Just a few are solids.  Basically, the total reverse of what you’d see in the deodorant aisle at Target.  They also had Impulse body spray, which made me giggle.  I think I wore Impulse last in 1988 – and we used to have Impulse fights in the girls locker room after gym class.  Between that and the Aqua Net, the 80’s were the main cause of the hole in the ozone layer.

I managed to drive without incident yesterday, even with all four kids in the car plus lots of traffic.  We went to Dundrum Town Centre mainly to get out of the house.  I was the nice mom this trip and bought kids ice cream cones that were seriously fabulous. Collin suggested that next time, we should get our scoops in cups so we can taste each others, which the rest of us thought was brilliant.

As I weaved around parked cars, driving in the opposite lane on purpose, skirting around trucks to squeak my way through the others waiting for a light to change, I realized that by the time we get back to the States, I’m going to be considered the rudest and worst driver.  What’s funny is that I don’t consider anyone here rude drivers (though the motorcyclists scare the crap out of me, appearing out of nowhere, driving between cars, etc.)

Speaking of drivers, the other day, Maura and I were walking to the store when we came upon a car parked on the sidewalk, still running.  Obviously the driver was dropping someone off, so pulled up on the wide sidewalk to let him out.  As we approached the car, I was trying to figure out what was the proper etiquette for walking around a car parked on the sidewalk – do you walk on the driver’s side, or the passenger side?  I chose the latter as we’d be out of the way if he decided to pull away.  But then the passenger chose that moment to get out, so we went around on the driver’s side.   A few moments later, Maura heard the car’s engine begin to rev a little behind us as it started to pull away.  She turned around, saw the car moving behind us on the sidewalk, grabbed my hand and started to run!  We weren’t in any danger, but I was impressed that she finally has gotten the concept that you need to be out of the way of moving cars.

Speaking of Maura, she’s been moody.  I’m trying to cut her some slack – I mean, we did yank her out of the world she knew and dropped her in a new one with almost none of her stuff to assure her that this is home.  And I refused to buy her pretty dresses yesterday at the shopping centre.  But seriously?  Her loud shriek in response to not getting her way is about to drive me to drink.  Next week we move into the new place, and our air shipment has been cleared through customs, so hopefully being in a bed with her blankets, having some familiar things about the house will help ease whatever anxiety is going through her little brain and she’ll settle in better.  Maybe stop biting her hand, which is covered in little red marks from the biting and a huge bruise on the back of her hand from I don’t know what (I’m guessing she whacked it on the corner of the night stand next to her bed.)

One thing I’ve really noticed is the time change.  Oh, I’ve pretty much adjusted to it here.  But when I get up at 7 am, it’s 3 am back home.  The internet is pretty much dead (though I did catch my brother up one day, as he pulled an all-nighter.)  By the time everyone else’s day has settled down, I’m getting ready for bed.  It has a way of making one feel really disconnected at times.

Meanwhile, we’re still trying to find schools for kids.  Imagine all schools being like charter or private schools, where they can decide if they want to add your child to the class or not.  There are waiting lists and application forms and channels to go through.  There isn’t “Here’s your local public school, go there if there’s no place else for you.”  So if you have fingers to cross or want to light a candle at church that we manage to get these kids into schools, I’d greatly appreciate it!