Sunday Afternoon on Grafton Street, with bubbles

Josh was in Paris this week and returned today.  He decided to take a bus to City Centre and we met him there (as opposed to me driving to the airport and paying way too much for the tunnel.)

After Maura greeted him enthusiastically, we fed some birds at St. Stephen’s Green, then got some lunch.  As we sat in the Burger King (that’s right, Burger King), we saw this big bubble go by.  Then another.

Grafton Street is this interesting area, full of shops, pubs, and restaurants.  There are no cars allowed down the street, so people can walk freely down Grafton Street.  It’s also a place where street performers gather.  At Christmastime, it was the band of boys singing songs.  A couple Sundays ago, it was a guy with a puppet that caught our eye.  This week, it was a young guy with a big bubble wand.  That’s all he did, make big bubbles for kids to pop.  He had a square of cloth out to collect coins people would give him, a container with bubble mix, and the bubble wand.  A simple operation, which was a hit with the little ones and some big ones too.  Teenagers (including mine) were leaping for the high ones, dads with toddlers on there shoulders were chasing them as well, and this young guy was surrounded by kids – including our two girls.  Maura was ecstatic – she loves bubbles, and this made her afternoon.  The bubble guy was nice enough to try to throw a few her way as he grinned at her.

And I was smart enough to have the camera with us (though Josh took a few of the pictures as we took turns sneaking into stores childless.)

To view any of these pictures in a larger size, just click on them…

Miriam (in the silver cap) reaching for a bubble


Miriam, popping the bubble
Maura (in the purple) staring up at the bubble


Just a bubble, floating down Grafton Street...
...and a big smile from Maura.