A total rave for OtterBox and the Invisible Shield!

In the previous post, there’s a picture of all that Maura did while I napped.  Now, she did part of that while watching Tinker Bell on her iPad.  When I walked into the disaster zone, her iPad was on the counter. At the time, I was thankful it was on the other side of the counter from the puddle of milk, and stuck it in a drawer in the kitchen to hide it from Maura.

This evening after dinner, Maura asked for a movie.  I’ve been trying to get her to ask for iPad time, so I said yes, you may, thank you for asking.  I went to the drawer, pulled it out and suddenly noticed there was dried milk on the back of it.

Now, I’ve had this thing all packaged up in an OtterBox – a super durable case – and the screen protected with an Invisible Shield , after Maura scratched up the first one.  The two paired up basically protect it as much as I can possible protect it and still let Maura use it.

Today, my $110 worth of investments paid off.

I peeled the OtterBox off (which wasn’t easy, it’s a snug fit), and while there was a little bit of milk on the inner part of the backside, it had done it’s job.  Even better, on the front part, the pairing of the OtterBox and the Invisible Shield all but shielded any milk from the front and kept it from getting in.

I have no clue how much milk got on this thing.  It would explain why she had towels out though, as the entire front of the iPad was a smear.  But it’s working fine, no issues, not even speaker damage.

So seriously – a big THANK YOU to these two products, for saving the iPad from a milky death.  I have been highly recommending both, but now, I have extra reasons to recommend them and no reason to cry in my drink tonight.  If you have kids and an iPad – get these things.  Heck, if you have any kind of technology, check them out.  They both have wide ranges of products listed.

Maura and her iPad in the Otterbox

*Note – I was in no way paid to rave about these products.  Just a very happy customer right now!  And if anyone from OtterBox is reading this, or someone is wondering why I let my 7 yr old play with the iPad – well, we bought it for her as a learning tool.  Maura has special needs, can’t work smaller devices, but the iPad is the right size for her to manage with her flexible fingers and all.  It’s her device, all her own, which is why I made sure it was as protected as possible.

To learn more about Maura and her issues, go to Wonderpuzzle.com