“All I did was fall asleep officer!”

The Damages

This is the sight that beheld me when I came downstairs to find out why Maura was shrieking and crying.  Okay, this wasn’t the first sight.  The first sight was Miriam, in the bedroom, winding up the cord to Josh’s headset and trying to hide them from Maura while explaining to me that Maura had taken them.  Then I walked into the kitchen and beheld the sight.

This is what happens when I allow myself to fall into the (sorry guys) monthly friend induced coma that hits me a couple afternoons a month.  Today, I gave into it.  I even asked some older children to check on Maura as I drifted in and out of consciousness.  I got reports of “She made herself cereal” and “She’s watching Tinker Bell on the iPad.”

Oh, okay, grea-zzzzzzzzzzzz

Silly me.  I know better than this.  But Maura’s been acting more mature lately, and I was tired.

What you don’t see in the picture is how she ransacked our bedroom, finding the iPad in a drawer, and then realizing that since I have cool things like her iPad hidden in a drawer, there must be more to discover in these drawers.  Like the bag of hair things.  Daddy’s headphones.  Her headphones.  Brushes.  Things she dragged back into the kitchen (because she at least stuck to the “Food stays in the kitchen” rule.)

And lucky me – this all happened two hours after the cleaning ladies left.  So instead of being able to enjoy the sparkling kitchen until at least dinnertime, I got to clean it all again.

Want to know what’s in the picture?

From Left to Right – some spilled milk, a half eaten pancake, an empty box of frosted flakes from Marks and Spencer, a hair brush, Maura’s Rapunzel doll, a bowl of milk with some frosted flakes, more frosted flakes, the bag of frosted flakes, a kitchen towel, the lid from a yogurt container, and an empty glass.

What you can’t see are things like hair bands on the floor (I’m assuming they were for Rapunzel), cereal on the floor, milk on the floor, new package of hair bands on the table, half ripped apart, two more towels on the floor, a big white towel on the table with a pair of underwear laid out on them, half the clothes off the drying rack into the recycling bin, and most suspiciously…a pair of scissors on the chair (which I think she was using to remove hair bands from packaging – phew!)

At this moment, Maura is now upstairs with the other children.  There is screaming from her and boys saying “No Maura, no no no!  Oh man, not in the rental house!”

The good news is it’s after 5 pm here – I can totally start drinking now!

*note that this is not my beautiful house and those are not my beautiful granite countertops.  this is the last week in the posh temporary housing…and no, I’m  not sure what that picture on the wall is supposed to be.  I refer to it as the Stone Donut.