St. Patrick’s Day

I will admit, I was a bit geeked at the idea of spending St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.  I grew up on the South Side of Chicago (go White Sox!), in an Irish/Italian/Polish area with an Irish grandmother – St. Patrick’s Day was a big deal.  Amazingly though, I’ve never been to a St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Not the big one in downtown Chicago, nor the South Side Irish one.

But now I’m able to state I’ve been to the best one, right here in Dublin.  The theme was based on short story (did you read my previous post with the link to it? )  about two kids who overhear their parents talk about the Black Dog of Depression that’s stolen Dublin’s funny bone, and they spend the night chasing it through Dublin, and are able to defeat it at the Dublin Bay.

It was a visually impressive parade.  Not what I’m used to, but I was impressed with the creativity of each section that was part of the story.  And we all loved the ending, which was set to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – sounds cheesy, but it was fun, especially when the parade actors did the Thriller dance.

We survived a packed train ride, the crowds, the view from Josh’s friend’s office’s rooftop (hence the photos from a funky angle), and the wonky elevator in said office building.  The kids, who were not impressed with the wait time for the parade (it was to start at noon – by the time it reached us, it was about 1:30), but once it got to us, no one was disappointed.

There was a lot of people watching before the parade.  Like noticing people who brought step ladders, so they could see above the top of the crowd (which was at least five people deep.)  Others who had climbed onto statues and buildings.  Or the two kids in the window of the building across from us who got into an argument…and then the little girl started beating the crap out of the little boy (I’m guessing they were brother and sister, lol!)  The boy then disappeared, then appeared with Dad, who gave the girl a stern talking to as I did running commentary from the peanut gallery.  Nice people shared their snacks with us (mental note – next year, pack food!)

I was invited by Josh’s friends to go on the pub crawl with them, but honestly, I was too tired to do any drinking.  I’ll admit though, it seemed wrong not to be able to go to a pub.  Then it hit me – I live in freaking Ireland!  There are three pubs within walking distance of my house!  So after dinner, we put Maura to bed, left Collin in charged, and walked down to the pub for a couple pints.  It was good.

And now, the pictures…

Why yes, that is a coffee shop full of Garda (aka, the police) - it made us giggle



Part of the marching band from Dearborn, Michigan

Sean looking down at it all


If Miriam had a three-headed dog of destruction, it would be this one