Rave – Ariel Stain Remover (IRE/UK)

Sorry U.S. citizens, but this product currently isn’t available in your area (unless it is, but under a different name.)

I bought Ariel stain removing spray the other week at Tesco, after Maura got pasta sauce down a sleeve of her lavender sweater.  It was the only real stain remover I found at Tesco besides the Tesco brand, and at first, I balked at the price (which was over 6 euros).  But that pasta sauce coated sleeved mocked me when I thought of putting it in the washer, so I sucked it up, bought the spray, and used it.  The sweater came out good as new.

Now, I will admit, I chalked it up to “fluke”.  I mean, it was relatively new, not that set in, we have a really good washer here.  But today, I’ve changed my mind.  Ariel stain remover kicks booty!

See, in a box that arrived in our air shipment was a red/pink/white striped shirt of the girls.  I really liked the shirt, we have the tights to match.  I pulled it out today for Mim to wear with said tights…and then saw that it had stains down the front.  Major stains from Christmastime, when some girl drank hot chocolate and spilled it all down the front.  To make matters worse – I had washed this shirt, in my mother-in-law’s brand new washing machine, and then dried it.  For all I know, it then went through our washer and dryer at home before we moved.

Either way, this shirt was now covered in chocolate stains that were now set in.  I went to do laundry this evening and thought “What the heck?” and sprayed it well with the Ariel stain remover, threw it in the wash, and hoped for the best.

To my amazement, the stains are gone.  Completely gone.  Not even a faint marking from what I could tell.  Miriam saw me writing this, so I showed her the shirt, and even she was impressed.  I also sprayed her beloved grey Yorkie shirt, which she had gotten pasta sauce down the front of – and that came out good as new as well.

So two thumbs up from this mom.  Now I just need to either teach Mim how to eat without covering herself in food, or get her a bib 😉