Sunday in Merrion Square

Today we hopped on the Luas to go downtown, where the St. Patrick’s Festival was still going on.  We got off the train and ended up at the tail end of a 5k run.  No, we didn’t run.  I sat outside a coffee shop while Josh bought me a mocha and watched some others finish the run.

We made our way to Merrion Square, where there was a family friendly section of the St. Patrick’s festival happening.   There were performers, food vendors, and a few carnival rides.  We liked the acrobats a lot.  The woman from England who announced in an Artful Dodger accent “Allo!  I’m Calamity Jane!”….not so much.  Especially when she kept going “Yee-haw!” after everything.  You would think it’s hard to screw up a “yee-haw”…but she managed it.  So we skipped her act and got ice cream instead.

I have no clue what they're doing...but it was interesting

Miriam saw the giant ferris wheel and basically begged to ride it.  “You promised me Dad!” she said.  She was sort of right.  There’s a big wheel by the Dublin Bay I think, it’s a lot like the London Eye.  Josh promised her a ride on that one.  But he relented and took her and Sean on the big ferris wheel.

Miriam at the ferris wheel


Miriam on the ferris wheel


As you can see, looking at the ferris wheel from the safety of the ground and actually being way up in the air were two different things for Mim.  But she survived.

Sean enjoying the ferris wheel
Collin, Maura and I way down there on the ground (center, with red balloon)


While the others were on the ferris wheel, Collin, Maura and I rode the bumper cars.  Where I got to feel old.  As a kid, I loved the bumper cars.  Loved.  They were my favorite, especially when I could chase after one of my older brothers and ram into them.  Somehow with age, the ramming into another car just made me wish for a chiropractor.  Maura was slightly freaked out by it as well.  Collin of course loved them.

My southern boy husband found a bbq place

After riding rides, we got food, where Maura proceeded to have a total tired child meltdown.  Which was loud.  I asked her what she wanted and she said “I wanna go home.”  Poor kid.  So the two of us sat down and waited while Collin bought us pizza.  Josh, Sean and Miriam came back with hot dogs.  Maura calmed down and some festival worker came over and gave Maura three free passes to ride a ride with her two siblings (Collin wasn’t there) since she was able to calm down and stop crying, which was not only very nice of him, but handy for us as Sean was wishing he could ride the bumper cars.

So the older three scurried off to the bumper cars and proceeded to try to kill each other in true sibling love style, just as I used to do with my older brothers.  Some things really are timeless.

Collin going after Miriam
Sean and Mim


Collin and Miriam, enjoying themselves way too much...