Boxes boxes everywhere

The good news – we actually got our whole shipment into the house!

The okay news – we may actually be able to live with it all once unpacked.

We worked very hard to whittle down our possessions.  Our friends and family became owners of a lot of our stuff, a lot was donated, some things were just thrown away.  And yet, we knew we were still bringing too much stuff with us.

However, the movers today did say that we were smart and not as bad as many Americans they’ve moved.  He said “You may have a lot of boxes, but that’s just boxes.  You left the big stuff at home.”  It’s true.  We didn’t bring much furniture with us.  A couple dressers, a couple small tables, my desk, some chairs (most of which fold or stack), my grandfather’s rocking chair, a couple bookshelves.  Oh, and the piano.  But really, it wasn’t a lot compared to many people they’ve moved in.

What we’re finding though is that the people who packed us…well…it wasn’t a very good job.  Oh, while they were doing it, it all looked efficient.  But unpacking it all reveals the truth.  The one mover today said “I’ve never seen anyone pack like this.”  Half the boxes are labeled either “toys” or “books” – and not correctly.  So a box of “toys” that was put in the girls room?  Full of books.  My books, from my bedroom.  No toys whatsoever.  Another one labeled just “Shoes” had a pair of shoes in it, but then three wreaths and a couple coats.  The stuff marked “Glasses – Kitchen”, were a gathering of fragile items from all over the house.

But the fun part?  We have counted up several boxes of stuff that were packed up out of our donate pile.  The pile we kept saying “Don’t touch that, none of that is going.”  Repeatedly.  And it was acknowledged with a “Oh, great, we won’t bother with that then.”

Yep – we now have it here.  Like king sized bedsheets for a bed size we no longer own.  A bunch of conference t-shirts Josh didn’t want.  Various kitchen hoo-haa I didn’t want to bring with me.  It’s all sitting in my house now.  Along with our toaster oven, despite us saying “We’re not bringing anything with a cord on it because we won’t be able to use it.” and “The only appliance we’re bringing with us from the kitchen is the big mixer.”


Even better – the gianormous car seat that was Maura’s?  The one we repeatedly said “This isn’t coming with us.”?  Yep.  Here in Ireland.

Sure, we could just chuck it all.  But we pay for trash pick up here – by the kilo.  So throwing away fifty pounds of stuff that shouldn’t have come with us will cost us.

At least so far, nothing’s been seriously damaged except a snow globe.  Luckily, they used SO much paper that the paper soaked up the water from the snow globe.  And the movers will come back tomorrow to help unpack/move stuff around/take away boxes and packing material so we don’t have to deal with that.

The best part of the day though was when I made up Maura’s own bed with all her sheets and bedding.  She saw it and went “OH!  My bed!” then flopped on it with a big smile.  She’s been thrilled to get her stuff back.  Hopefully now she’ll stop asking about going on a plane and having to take her back pack every single place we go to.