A little memento

I guess the guys who packed up our house in Michigan decided we needed some mementos of our move.  Because as we were opening boxes here, I kept finding tape rolls.  Some completely used up, some partially used up, and so on.

It’s really nice that they packed up their garbage to travel with us, isn’t it?



Honestly, as much as I hate packing up and moving…next time, I’ll pack everything myself, thankyouverymuch.  I do a better job, it’ll be organized, and I don’t end up with garbage packed in with my belongings.   Seriously – the guys unpacking here were dumbfounded when they opened boxes for us.  And I quote “I’ve never seen packing done like this.”   Living room knick nacks thrown in with kitchen items.  Boxes marked “toys – girls room” full of books from my room.  A box marked shoes that was full of backpacks and purses – and one boot.  Another marked “shoes” that had my wreaths and other holiday decorations that I stored in the big coat closet.  I finally figured out a pattern.  If it came out of the coat closet, it was marked “shoes”.  If it came from the playroom, it was marked “Toys”, even if it was a box full of books.  Stuff from my office was marked “Den – Papers”.   The boxes marked “Living Room – toys” ….there were a lot of those.  That one was confusing as we didn’t store any toys in the living room!  We’ll see what those hold.  The one marked “Kitchen – Towels” held all my area rugs and a couple bathroom towels.

It was kind of funny when they put all the play kitchen dishes in with the big person kitchen stuff….especially as the play kitchen lived in the playroom.  It wasn’t funny to open up a big wardrobe box marked “Coats” only to find the big car seat I didn’t plan on bringing.

The bottle of olive oil may still be my favorite though.  After explaining to me that they didn’t pack liquids, one of them took the bottle of olive oil, wrapped it up, and stuck it in a box with pots and pans.  Though the coffee filters that they carefully wrapped up in paper before packing is up there as well – especially as we didn’t bring the coffee maker!

You know, I thought having someone else pack for me would be fabulous.  At the time, it was.  On this end of it….not so sure anymore.