Saturday in the Suburbs of Dublin

I live in Dublin!  Ireland!  Sort of!

I actually live in South Co. Dublin (what can I say, I’ve always been a South Side girl.)  It’s basically the ‘burbs here.  Lots of houses, moms doing school runs, grocery stores, a McDonald’s.  We even live by a mall (though it’s called a shopping centre here.) We live by the commuter train.  In a way, I’ve stepped back into my childhood on the South Side of Chicago – down to the little store the  kids can run up to for treats.

But we’re in Dublin! Ireland!  It’s Saturday!  What sort of amazing things do we have lined up?

Laundry!  Not just any laundry – school uniform laundry!  Yep, today I shall be hanging up lots of navy blue, light blue, and grey on my clothes line.  The question is, will I use my new brightly colored plastic clothes pins, or will I go the traditional wooden peg route?  The plastic ones are fun to look at, but the wooden ones do a better job.  Oh!  The anticipation!

But there’s more exciting things than laundry going on.  We get to pick up the rest of Collin’ school books!  Woohoo!  Yes here, you buy your school books.  Ah well, the price of a free education is uniform and book fees.

And heck – since we’ll be up in the village at the shopping centre – we’re going to go wild!  Buy bread!  And fruit!  And cereal!  We’ll run wild through Tesco!

After that, we may throw all caution to the wind and ride the bus home!  Wow! Well, only if we have the exact change.

Eventually, I may get really crazy and unpack a few boxes and iron uniform shirts…or maybe I’ll save some of that fun for tomorrow!