Music Monday – Excursion Around the Bay

It’s Monday, we need music, right?

This song is very dear to me.  It’s a strange song to be dear to me, as it’s about a guy whose wife gets seasick and dies.  No, it’s not the lyrics that make me love it.  It has to do with Maura – and Great Big Sea of course 😉

My friend Bodi suggested a music group to me many moons ago.  “Oh, you’ll like them.” she said.  I trusted her musical judgment, got the CD/DVD set that she suggested, and was instantly hooked.  So was Maura.  A day after watching the video, I was playing the CD in the car and caught Maura fist-pumping at the correct times of the song and yelling “Hey!” – at a time when it took her months to learn a new skill.

So yeah.  I love this song.  Even if the husband in it has a weird way of trying to cure his wife (“I fed her cake and candy, fat pork and kerosene, Castor Oil and sugar of candy, I rubbed pure oil on her face…”   Geez, no wonder she died!)

Another funny bit to add – if I ever lose Maura, I could just start playing Great Big Sea.  I swear, she hears their voices and comes into the room to see if there’s a video playing.  I made life easier and just put them, plus some other groups of similar nature (Gaelic Storm, Dust Rhinos, Enter the Haggis) on her iPad.  Yeah, she’s got the coolest musical line up for an 8 year old!

So for this Monday – and my 200th post – I bring you “Excursion Around the Bay” by Great Big Sea (this particular video off the Courage, Patience and Grit CD/DVD set – go get it, you’ll love it.)