Flashback Photos

I went to a Catholic school as a kid.  Uniforms, nuns, and all.  My kids have all gone to public schools, the boys have been home schooled, and now to complete the full spectrum of school experiences, they’re now going to Catholic schools.

I watched Sean and Miriam take off in their uniforms one day, and it reminded me of a picture I have of my brother and I.  So today, I snapped their picture (Miriam being not as cooperative as Sean).  Because every so often, I look at my older three – two boys and a girl – and flash back to a time when my two older brothers and I ran amok through the neighborhood not that long ago…


My oldest brother John and I - circa 1979 - which would make us about 10 and 7 years old


Sean and Miriam - circa 2011 - ages 12 and 10