Ireland’s Most Wanted

Maura loves shopping.  She loves getting new stuff.  She just sometimes forgets that we have to pay for items.

I knew this would happen one day.  I’ve caught her trying to sneak stuff out of stores before.  Well…not sneak.  She will just take something and walk off, bold as brass.  I’ve joked that we know she really wants something if she tries to shoplift it.  Maura also loves carrying the bag of new stuff around, and recently I caught her putting more stuff in said shopping bag.  Heck, last week, I even double checked her as we were exiting the store and played TSA agent, patting her down, checking her bags, finally giving the all clear.  The first weekend we were here, she took a postcard from the tourism center.  Luckily, we spotted it instantly and took her back into return it.

All the warning signs were there.  And yet, I failed.

Yesterday she and I went shopping.  I let her pick out a new shirt at her new favorite store, and she was proudly carrying the bag around.  I caught her trying to put sunglasses in the bag in a different store, and we put them bag. She started getting balky and tired of shopping, I needed to go to the pharmacy for a wrist brace (that’s a whole other story), and while I tried to decide on which brace to get, she was looking at the cooler of drinks a few feet away.

Yes, I got distracted.

She started to pick the Fanta, then put it back.  Picked up a bottle of water, put it back.  I did see her holding a juice box, but at next glance it was gone – I assumed she put it back with the others.  Then she indicated she was tired of waiting for me, tried leaving the store, I lured her back in, we paid for the brace and left the pharmacy.  We then hit the bathrooms, then Starbucks – where she picked out a drink – and headed home.

About eight o’clock that night, Miriam asked “Where did Maura get the fruice?”  Huh?  “The fruice.”  What are you talking about Miriam?  “The Fruice juice box that she’s drinking.”

Oh crap.

Yep, my daughter tucked that juice box into her back and never let on.  She caught me at a weak moment and snuck under my radar.  I’m just happy it didn’t set off an alarm or anything.  Many stores in Ireland have private security guards to prevent shoplifting.  Honestly, I have no desire to be tackled by one of them.